Helping You Achieve a Better Deal

At CHA we don’t believe that big is necessarily beautiful, it’s not the size of the team or the number of offices that dictate the quality of service you get – It is all down to the people who work on your project.  CHA operate in close partnership with you adding value by working with only a handful of clients at any one time so we can take workload from you allowing you the time to focus on your business.  This ensures that you are only ever handled by senior level, highly experienced advisors throughout the transaction cycle, not just at the sales pitch.  The result is that you get the maximum value for your business, deals timescales are accelerated and transactions complete more quickly, at a lower cost and with less impact on the core businesses involved.

We pride ourselves on having successful people with real business experience able to immediately understand and engage with clients.  With years of M&A experience most have owned businesses and some form part of client operational boards helping prepare for the next phase in their development.  As a result we understand business and the pressures you face. Why not call us now and find out how we can help ?

Real Business Experience is our Difference