Selling your Business

When selling all or part of your business, CHA works to maximise what you consider to be important.  We take great care to understand not just the monetary value within the deal but also your personal desires and wishes.  Our job is to achieve all of these objectives so you can be sure that it is the right and most logical decision for you, your shareholders, your business and employees.

If you are thinking of selling then contact us today for an initial free of charge meeting to explore the options and understand the valuation of your business.  The sooner you plan, the sooner you will be in control of your future.

How can we help?

One of our unique strengths at CHA is our knowledge of why companies buy other companies.  This comes from our shareholders’ experience of buying companies for themselves or from working within corporate development teams of larger companies.  We understand corporate strategy and how this leads to mergers and acquisitions to complement organic business development.

We approach every sale mandate by understanding what is special about the business. What does it have that is coveted by others in the industry or who may want to enter the sector?  Is it the customer base, the product or service that the business offers, or the processes the business employs to win in the market?

Once this is understood, we aim to identify multiple potential acquirers of your business including exploring how Private Equity may interact with the transaction.  We profile and rank them on both the strategic fit and the ability to fund the acquisition.  We also provide you with multiple options when selling your business.  Sometimes, the highest price offered is not always the best deal and many business owners want a ‘safe pair of hands’ to continue to run their business in a way which is sympathetic to how it was founded.

Finally, by using senior level talented advisors who will run the transaction from start to finish we develop close partnerships with our clients. This approach accelerates the sales process and reduces the stress and impact on the business throughout the transaction cycle.

Sell your business with a partner you can trust