Due Diligence

One of CHA’s unique propositions is the provision of its due diligence service to support corporate transactions.  We use our industry experts as a key part of this service to provide a far higher added value outcome than a traditional financial due diligence exercise.

Our sector specialists are able to assess the potential acquisition target from a completely different perspective to that usually given by an accountancy firm.  They have real business experience and have worked in many specialist sectors.  Their ability to see below the veneer, identify operational weaknesses/opportunities, judge management teams and identify solutions adds real value to a transaction and allows the investment to be considered in greater depth.

CHA’s specialist service covers three key areas:

  • Commercial
  • Operational
  • Financial

Our approach is to phase the work so that acquirers have an early opportunity to either abort or re-scope the work to focus on key findings. This de-risks the process and provides total flexibility.

In addition to performing the hands-on work themselves in certain specialist areas, CHA can also project manage the full due diligence workload using an extensive network of specialist providers including:

  • Environmental
  • Health and Safety
  • Insurance 

Our aim is to provide a single, integrated, cost effective due diligence service giving you the detailed knowledge you need to make the acquisition