Acquiring a Business

Buying a business can be a stressful and time consuming process.  Investing in growth is potentially a high-risk action.  We offer sound advice to guide you through the best possible route.  CHA have experience in more than 100 transactions totalling millions of pounds in consideration.  On very large deals, the focus is more on financial engineering.  On smaller deals, other factors become equally important, including cultural fit, emotional and psychological behaviour of sellers and working with them to go through a sale process is critical.  Often, sellers are not just looking for the highest financial consideration.  A safe pair of hands is equally important, someone to look after the business they are selling, taking care of clients, employees and to continue to run the business in the same tradition as before.

We approach every buy side mandate by first understanding your growth strategy.

  • Are you looking to extend your client base?
  • Do you want to expand your product lines?
  • Are you wanting to increase your market reach?
  • Do you need to diversify into new markets or regions?
  • Are you looking to cross-sell and up-sell your products and services into a new client base via acquisition?

CHA, through its best-in-class systems, processes, network and data sources has access to detailed financial, legal and business data on more than 3 million companies in the UK and tens of millions of companies globally. This combination of public data, private intranets, sector experience and senior level networks provides us with the information, along with your acquisition criteria, to seek those businesses which are going to match your exact requirements.

CHA can help you find a business with true potential and work with you throughout the process