What Makes CHA Different?


From the first meeting we assess your strategic needs whether it be buying, selling or fund raising.  By forensically examining your business and using our rigorous methodology which has been developed over the past 18 years, we will work closely with you to achieve your ultimate aim.

  • Every project is unique and is approached as such
  • CHA is not a business brokerage or business transfer agency.  We work with you from inception to completion.
  • We proactively identify strategic buyers using tried and tested research techniques and sophisticated databases
  • Your business will not simply be placed on a website in the hope that a passing buyer notices the advert and makes an approach

Our approach is  pro-active and intensively thorough.  We strive on getting you the right deal within a manageable period of time. Our fee structures are aligned with your success.

We are culturally different to our competitors.  Although we have  spent our careers buying and selling businesses internationally, we are entrepreneurs who have owned, run and sold our own businesses as such we are free thinking, creative and flexible in our style and approach.  We find that this delivers better results for our clients.

We spend a lot of time researching your industry, your company and identifying the hotspots, opportunities and its USP.  We understand the language of your industry and often the players you are seeking to work with.  In many cases we have already matched the pieces to create the best picture to deliver compelling business to business deals.

We also understand the importance of assisting you in your ultimate business goals.  We help nurture your business to ensure that, yes the numbers make sense, but far more importantly your people, chemistry and approach make sense – something you will never see on a business plan, balance sheet or forecast!